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White Rabbit Red Rabbit and the Role of a Playwright in Theater

White Rabbit Red Rabbit - Alleyway Theatre - September 9, 2021

What an interesting experience. An actor is handed a script and reads it for the first time as it’s being performed; no rehearsals or preparation. The show relies heavily on the actor for the evening (who can only perform the show once and who can’t know what will happen) so whether the audience’s experience is positive will depend on their acting prowess. I’m happy to say that Anthony Chase rose to the occasion in this show and led us on a funny, thought provoking, and at times, shocking journey.

While I won’t speak on the content of the play itself, it does ask some interesting questions: what is the role of the playwright, and what impact does the past have on the future? I’m still thinking about what my thoughts are, which to me, is an indication of a good play. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fabulous lighting design, which was a surprise to everyone, including the actor on stage!

While I know Alleyway does not issue trigger warnings, I do think it’s important to call out a content warning for talk of suicide. But overall, I would highly recommend heading down to Alleyway Theatre to see this show. It will be a completely different experience to the show I just saw, but isn’t that the beauty of live theater that it is an interaction between performer and audience for one shared moment? And to have a completely different moment every night makes it a unique experience indeed.



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