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The Other (Other) Josh Cohen

The Other Josh Cohen - MusicalFare Theatre - April 30, 2022

What an incredible, fun show with a multi-talented cast! I knew nothing about this show going into it and wasn't sure what to expect; what I got was a fun 95 minute off-Broadway style show that I thoroughly enjoyed. I loved the message of the show, how even when life may seem at its lowest, you never know how those events will play out to lead you to happiness in time.

The show follows a year in the life of Josh Cohen with both his present self and his future self commenting on the actions that take place. After his apartment is robbed of everything (except, importantly, a Neil Diamond III cd), he thinks nothing could get worse. But then a piece of mail might change everything...or it might make things even worse! Both actors portraying Josh were fantastic and played off each other very well. The rest of the cast plays numerous roles throughout the show, but most impressively, all of the actors sing and play numerous instruments throughout the show. The songs were catchy and very well performed with some fun modern influences. The use of the set was fantastic as well, and the staging direction really added to the plot as it moved along.

After the show, we were able to enjoy a cabaret performance by 2 actors from the show at the piano. It was the perfect way to end the evening and I can't wait to enjoy similar events at MusicalFare!

Be sure to check out this show, running through May 22nd. Tickets are available at (note proof of vaccination is still required!).



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