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Nice Work If You Can Follow!

Nice Work If You Can Get It - September 17, 2022 - MusicalFare Theater

What do you get when you throw together a bunch of Gershwin songs and try to tell a story? A fun farce that may not always make sense but is a very fun time! Just go in knowing the plot is second to the songs and you’ll enjoy it much more.

I saw this show on Broadway back in 2012, and honestly, I thought this production was better than the Broadway version! Paring down the show to a smaller stage actually made it more enjoyable, and while it’s still an over the top farce, it translated much better with a smaller cast. It helps too that everyone in the cast was fantastic, with precise choreography and excellent comedic timing. A special call out needs to go to John Kaczorowski as his portrayal of Cookie McGee alone is worth the cost of admission!

The show runs at MusicalFare through October 9 and tickets are available at I would highly recommend checking this show out for a fun experience that is guaranteed to have you smiling and laughing, even if you have no idea what the plot is about!



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