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For the First Time in Forever, Broadway is Back in Buffalo with the Reopening of Frozen on Tour!

Frozen - Shea’s Performing Arts Center - September 10, 2021

I’m so happy theater is back and what an incredible show to start the Shea’s season. I really loved some of the changes made from Broadway; while True Love was a great song, I Can’t Lose You is a better fit for the show and the incredible duet the show needed. And the lighting design changes were phenomenal; such a small detail can make a huge difference to the experience.

But the standout of this show is the actors. I was so excited to see Caroline Bowman SLAY at Elsa, and even a dress malfunction couldn’t stop her incredible vocals and stunning stage presence. And Caroline Innerbichler as Anna was the perfect free spirited balance. The rest of the cast were phenomenal and I couldn’t help but sob during For the First Time in Forever to see a group of actors on stage once again. It was a magical night at the theater, and I got to see my favorite Fairy God Fairy Ben R. again in person!

I cannot wait for my next Shea’s experience!



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